La fiebre de las formas at Colette Mariana 2022.11.18-2023.01.21

観光 at XYZ Tokyo 2022.11.02-12.04

Lèche-vitrine at Cocotte 2022.07.02-09.03

Tourismus at Alienze 2022.04.31-06.05

Bibliothèque at CFA 2022.03.30-04.29

Vanity of Vanities at the Vanity 2022.02.13-03.27

Les Urbaines 2021.12.03-2022.03.12

Sculpture at Crèvecœur 2021.10.18-11.20

Reassembly at Nordenhake Stockholm 2021.03.11-04.30

Don pur de la nature at Bodega 2021.01.21-03.13

Bar at Commercial Street 2020.07.12-08.02

Stay Safe at Shivers Only 2020.05.09

The Sentimental Organization of the World at Crèvecœur 2020.03.07-04.18

From the Xmas tree of Lucy Bull 2 2020.02.16-03.18

From the Xmas tree of Lucy Bull 2020.01.10-02.10

Focus Group at Von Ammon Co 2019.11.16-2020.01.11

DUO at XYZ Tokyo 2019.11.03-12.01

Foncteur d'oubli at Le Plateau 2019.09.19-12.08

Jour de fête en couleurs at Crèvecœur Marseille 2019.08.29-10.30

Drawings at Franz Kaka 2019.06.28-07.20

Bodega at Liste 2019.06.10-06.16

The Shop at The Steak House DOSKOI 2019.05.26-06.23

Bodega at Felix 2019.02.14-02.17

Les Soirées de Paris at Crèvecœur co-organized with Bodega 2019.01.10-03.02
(see also: artviewer)

Body at L'INCONNUE 2018.12.14-2019.01.24
(see also: contemporary art daily, artviewer, cura and ofluxo)

Bodega at Paris Internationale 2018.10.17-10.21

Crèvecœur at Paris Internationale 2018.10.17-10.21

10 Years: 100 Sculptures at Anonymous Gallery 2018.09.21-11.03

Kiss in Tears at Freedman Fitzpatrick 2018.07.19-08.18
(see also: contemporary art daily)

The Lucinda River at Carl Louie 2018.07.07-08.12

Condo New York Bodega hosting Crèvecœur 2018.06.29-07.28
(see also: artviewer)
(read: spike and elephant)

Mœurs at Crèvecœur 2018.06.21-07.21
(see also: artnews and artviewer)
(read: les inrockuptibles and artforum)

Group show at Sydney 2018.06.05-07.05
(see also: artviewer)

Under Over Through at Rita Urso 2018.02.27-05.11

A Curious Herbal at Garden 2018.01.19-03.03

Bodega at NADA Miami 2017 2017.12.07-12.10

Shivers Only at La Paix 2017.11.08-11.22
(see also: kuba paris)

Kill it on vacation at The Steak House DOSKOI 2017.05.21-06.18
(see also: paaet)

On choisit pas sa famille! at Cocotte 2017.05.19

Parade at Bodega 2017.04.21-06.11
(see also: contemporary art daily and artviewer)
(read: art in america and art writing daily)

Instruments of the Homecoming at The Sunroom 2016.11.19-2017.01.13
(see also: artviewer)

Everyday War at Ashes/Ashes 2016.11.12-12.20
(see also: artviewer, ofluxo and sex magazine)

27 av. Stephen Pichon 75013 Paris 2007-2015 at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive 2016.09.16-10.16
(see also: artviewer)

All at Once at Jessica Silverman Gallery South 2016.09.01-10.05
(see also: contemporary art daily and artviewer)

Nothing recedes like failure at Mortadelle 2016.07.09-09.03


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