Kiss in Tears at Freedman Fitzpatrick

The Lucinda River at Carl Louie

Condo New York Bodega hosting Crèvecœur
(read about it on Spike)

Mœurs at Crèvecœur
(see also documentation on ARTnews)
(read about it on Les Inrockuptibles)

Group show at Sydney

Under Over Through at Rita Urso

A Curious Herbal at Garden

Bodega at NADA Miami 2017

Shivers Only at La Paix

Kill it on vacation at The Steak House DOSKOI
(see also documentation on PAAET)

On choisit pas sa famille! at Cocotte

Parade at Bodega
(see also documentation on contemporary art daily and artviewer)
(read about it on art in america and art writing daily)

Instruments of the Homecoming at The Sunroom
(see also documentation on artviewer)

Everyday War at Ashes/Ashes
(see also documentation on artviewer, ofluxo and sex magazine)

27 av. Stephen Pichon 75013 Paris 2007-2015 at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive
(see also documentation on artviewer)

All at Once at Jessica Silverman Gallery South
(see also documentation on contemporary art daily and artviewer)

Nothing recedes like failure at Mortadelle


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dystopie 1: neverneverland